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FIC: Beauty of the Rain (Glee)
24- sad jack
Title: Beauty of the Rain
Author: dealan311
Word Count: 510
Rating: G
Characters: Quinn, Rachel
Spoilers: 2x02, Britney/Brittany
Summary: Sometimes it hurts Quinn too much to look at Rachel Berry.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction - all events and actions are completely made up. Absolutely nothing in this story should be taken as fact. This original work of fan fiction is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License; attribution should include a link to this Livejournal post.

Notes: Thanks to zerodetorres for taking a quick glance at this and telling me to post it.


Sometimes it hurts Quinn too much to look at Rachel Berry.

She doesn’t hate her.

She doesn’t particularly like her either. Her eyes bleed at the sight of Rachel’s sweaters, and she can never suppress the familiar wave of annoyance that comes up when Rachel start to babble about a completely ridiculous topic (which usually centers on whatever stupid thing Finn did this week). Because Quinn’s trying to be a better person, she fights the urge to bite out a retort whenever that happens, but she loses that battle almost daily. She can’t help it. There’s an odd comfort in the familiarity of picking on Rachel Berry, like a Pavlovian response whenever she feels the panic of losing the popularity she’s fought so hard to get back.

But Quinn doesn’t really hate her. It’s just that sometimes, particularly times like now when she’s about to open her mouth to sing, Rachel turns a certain way, and it hits her like a punch to the stomach out of the blue.

Rachel looks so much like her that Quinn can’t breathe.

As far as she’s concerned, Shelby was a godsend that swooped in at the eleventh hour as the answer to all her prayers. Quinn wasn’t ready to be a mother, and keeping Beth wouldn’t have been fair to anyone- not to Puck, not to Quinn, not Beth. Because of Shelby, Beth got the life Quinn couldn't give her and Quinn got the normal life of a teenager that she missed so much. These days she spends her time worrying about school and popularity and boys, instead of medical bills, college funds, and motherhood. Having a baby is not something you just forget, but Beth no longer sits in the forefront of her mind all the time.

It’s only in Glee that those thoughts come rushing back and Quinn can’t help but wonder if Shelby is fulfilling her promise of taking care of her baby.

She wonders if Beth will have to be taught how to possess that flair of drama that seems to be embedded Rachel’s genetic code. She wonders what Beth will sound like, if she will sing like Shelby and Rachel, powerhouses of talent nurtured by voice teachers from a young age, or if Beth will sound like more like her, naturally soft and sweet.

Will she wonder about Quinn the way Rachel did about Shelby?

When Quinn looks at Rachel, she sees what Beth might become, and it scares the crap out of her. She’s forever tied to Rachel Berry now, by a paper trail connecting mothers to their adopted daughters. She doesn’t even know how to map out their family trees, but a part of her thinks that if one day, Beth wants to find her, all she has to do is reach out to Rachel, adopted child to adopted child. Rachel is the lynchpin, just like she is in Glee, and Quinn would resent her if not for the fact that she’s forever grateful that she’s there.

“Today, I have selected a song that says everything I’ve been learning about love from my boyfriend," Rachel announces, "and how it’s about the actual experience – the good and bad."

Puck smirks as Finn shifts uncomfortably in his seat, and out of the corner of her eye, Quinn sees Kurt grumble under his breath and slip Mercedes five dollars.

“Love isn't perfect all the time. The faults are what make it beautiful, and I’m slowly learning that, Finn.”

When Rachel starts to sing about the beauty of the rain and how it falls, Quinn has to bite the inside of her cheek to distract herself from the heat building behind her eyes. She stares up at the ceiling and doesn't look down until the last notes fall into silence.

Sometimes Quinn just can't stand looking at Rachel Berry.


For those wondering, the title of the fic and the song Rachel sings is Dar Williams' "The Beauty of the Rain."

Bonus points if you made the connection between the song title and Drizzle.

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