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Glee Tarot Deck Project
grammar nazi
So last night I came up with the idea is to assign each regular character of Glee a card that represents them in the Major Arcana of the Tarot Deck. There are 22 cards, so I had to add some extra characters, but overall, I think this works, and I was thinking that I would make some manips of each of these.

However, given that the fandom is so prolific in art, I was wondering if anyone else is interested in doing a drawing version of this. Comment below if you are interested in this project. Otherwise I'm gonna go ahead and make photomanip versions of them instead.

0. The Fool - Brittany Pierce - "Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?"
The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The sun shining behind him represents the divine nature of the Fool's wisdom and exuberance, holy madness or crazy wisdom. On his back are all the possessions he might need. In his hand there is a flower, showing his appreciation of beauty. He is frequently accompanied by a dog, sometimes seen as his animal desires, sometimes as the call of the "real world", nipping at his heels and distracting him. He is seemingly unconcerned that he is standing on a precipice, apparently about to step off.

1. The Magician - Kurt Hummel - Defying Gravity - "I'm through accepting limits 'cause someone says they're so."
When the Magician appears in a spread, it points to the talents, capabilities and resources at the querent's disposal. Depending on the card's placement in relation to other cards, the message is to tap into one's full potential rather than holding back, especially when there is a need to transform something. There are choices and directions to take. Guidance can arrive through one's own intuition or in the form of someone who brings about change or transformation.

2. The High Priestess - Santana Lopez - "I'm not making out with you because I'm in love with you."
This card is focused on 'secrets': when a secret is kept or revealed, when you are holding on to the truth or revealing it. Where the Magician is about revealing, the High Priestess is about keeping things hidden behind the curtain. It is the card associated with mystery, when powerful female influences and support currently in force for the querant. It can also represent the perfect woman in a man's life, and to a woman it can represent being independently solo perhaps without a man.

3. The Empress - Mercedes Jones - "Sometimes you have to choose between love and talent, and as far as I'm concerned, we all need to fly solo for a while."
The Empress is mother, a creator and nurturer. In many decks she can be shown as pregnant. She can represent the creation of life, of romance, of art or business. The Empress can represent the germination of an idea before it is ready to be fully born. It is also a card for strength and confidence. The Empress is a emotional character who knows what she wants and goes for her goals though she has no devious side to her.

4. The Emperor - Finn Hudson - "Look, all we have going for us is that we believe in ourselves and what we're singing about. If we can show the judges that, we might have a shot at this thing."
The Emperor is Key Four of the Major Arcana. Fours are stable numbers; four walls, four seasons, four corners. It takes a massive amount of energy, comparatively, to move them. The strength of The Emperor is the stability he brings. The weakness is the risk of stagnation. As Aries, the Ram, the Emperor naturally follows the pregnant Empress. Aries is the infant, the first sign of the Zodiac. Like an infant, he is filled with enthusiasm, energy, aggression. He is direct, guileless and all too often irresistible. Unfortunately, like a baby he can also be a tyrant and be impatient, demanding, controlling. In the best of circumstances, he signifies the leader that everyone wants to follow, sitting on a throne that indicates the solid foundation of an Empire he created, loves and rules with intelligence and enthusiasm. But that throne can also be a trap, a responsibility that has the Emperor feeling restless, bored and discontent.

5. The Hierophant - Emma Pillsbury- "But provide what exactly? The understanding that money is the most important thing or the idea that the only life worth living is the one you're really passionate about, Will?"
Where the High Priestess between her two pillars deals with realms beyond this Earth, the Hierophant (or High Priest) deals with worldly problems. His purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth. He is well suited to do this because he strives to create harmony and peace in the midst of a crisis. Some authorities say that the Hierophant generally represents assistance, friendship, good advice, alliances (including marriages), and religious interests.

6. The Lovers - Mike +Tina - Sing! - "I don't think I can do this." "Trust me. You're going to be great."
In some traditions, the Lovers represent relationships and choices. Its appearance in a spread indicates some decision about an existing relationship, a temptation of the heart, or a choice of potential partners. Often an aspect of the querent's life will have to be sacrificed; a bachelor(ette)'s lifestyle may be sacrificed and a relationship gained (or vice versa), or one potential partner may be chosen while another is turned down. Whatever the choice, it should not be made lightly, as the ramifications will be lasting.

7. The Chariot - Noah Puckerman - "You're so afraid of being called geeks or losers or gay that you'll settle for being nothing."
The chariot is one of the most complex cards to define. On its most basic level, it implies war, a struggle, and an eventual, hard-won victory; either over enemies, obstacles, nature, the beasts inside you, or to just get what you want. But there is a great deal more to it. The charioteer wears emblems of the sun, yet the sign behind this card is Cancer, the moon. The chariot is all about motion, and yet it is often shown as stationary. The card represents a union of opposites, like the black and white steeds. They pull in different directions, but must be (and can be!) made to go together in one direction. Control is required over opposing emotions, wants, needs, people, or circumstances; to bring them together and give them a single direction, your direction. Confidence is also needed and, most especially, motivation.

8. Justice - Shannon Beiste - "They don't have to like each other but they have to respect each other."
The Justice card, as a member of the Tarot deck, appears in early Tarot. It is part of the Tarot's major arcana, and usually follows the Chariot, as card VIII, although various decks vary from this pattern. Justice is about cold, objective balance through reason or natural force. It is the card that advises cutting out waste and insists that the Querent make adjustments, do whatever is necessary to bring things back into balance: physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually. The outcome of all of these may not be exactly what the Querent wants, but it will be a scrupulously fair outcome.

9. The Hermit - Will Schuester - "Life really only has one beginning and one end, and the rest is just a whole lot of middle. And I love you guys too much to let you not make the most of it."
The Hermit has internalized the lessons of life to the point that he is the lesson. The Hermit, as a kind of shamanistic hero, has made the complete journey – both the withdrawal and the return. As Joseph Campbell said, “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.” There are two possible ways this card can be interpreted: First, the need to withdraw from society to become comfortable with himself. Second, the return from isolation to share his knowledge with others.

10. Wheel of Fortune -Artie Abrams- "I can't dance, and I never will. But that's okay. I'm never gonna dunk a basketball or kill a lion either. I have to focus on dreams I can make come true."
A common aspect to most interpretations of this card within a reading is to introduce an element of change in the querant's life, such change being in station, position or fortune: such as the rich becoming poor, or the poor becoming rich. This card can mean movement, change and evolution, but its primary meaning always seems to say that such changes will seem to come out of the blue: when upright it means a stroke of good, unexpected fortune; when reversed it means the opposite. This card always reminds us that "this too shall pass." Whether that's good times or bad times, it passes.

11. Strength - Quinn Fabray - "What's the point of being popular when you can't do what you want?"
The modern interpretation of the card stresses discipline and control. The lion represents the primal or id-like part of the mind, and the woman, the 'higher' or more elevated parts of the mind. Strength is a passive force of will, compassion and mercy compared to the raw force of power and physical strength -- reversed, it represents losing control and giving in to impulses and base emotions; this card is the Querent's mental battle (his more physical battle would be the sister card, the Chariot).

12. The Hanged Man - Blaine Anderson - "I ran, Kurt. I didn't stand up. I let bullies chase me away, and it's something I really, really regret."
The card stands, among other things, for passivity, contemplation and inner harmony. The Hanged Man is a card about suspension, not life or death. This is a time of trial or meditation, selflessness, sacrifice, prophecy. The Querent stops resisting; instead he makes himself vulnerable, sacrifices his position or opposition, and in doing so, gains illumination. Answers that eluded him become clear, solutions to problems are found. He sees the world differently, has almost mystical insights. This card can also imply a time when everything just stands still, a time of rest and reflection before moving on. Things will continue on in a moment, but for now, they float, timeless.

13. Death - Terri Schuester - "I'm gonna change. I mean, I'm not going to stay in this post divorce funk forever, right?"
According to Eden Gray and other authors on the subject, it is unlikely that this card actually represents a physical death. The Death card is far more likely to signal transformation, passage, change. The Death card indicates this transition from lower to higher to highest. This is a card of humility, and it may indicate the Querent as being brought low, but only so that they can then go higher than they ever have before. Always keep in mind that on this card of darkness, there is a sunrise as well. Typically it implies an end, possibly of a relationship or interest, and therefore implies an increased sense of self-awareness—not to be confused with self-consciousness or any kind of self-diminishment.

14. Temperance - Lauren Zizes- "Here's the thing, Puckerman. I'm not just looking for someone to fool around with, so if you're really into me, you gotta take it slow."
Temperance is almost invariably depicted as a person pouring liquid from one receptacle into another, representing the dilution of wine with water. In many decks, the person is a winged person/angel, usually female or androgynous, and stands with one foot on water and one foot on land. In addition to its literal meaning of temperance or moderation, the Temperance card is often interpreted as symbolizing the blending or synthesis of opposites. This card tells the Querent that they CAN and should put thesis and anti-thesis together to get the even more useful synthesis. But it will take time, care, patience and experimentation. And also, yes, moderation.

15. The Devil - Sue Sylvester - "Never let anything distract you from winning."
The Devil is the card of self-bondage to an idea or belief which is preventing a person from growing or being healthy—an example might be a belief that getting drunk each night is good for you. On the other hand, however, it can also be a warning to someone who is too restrained and/or dispassionate and never allows him or herself to be rash or wild or ambitious, which is yet another form of enslavement.

16. The Tower - Shelby Corcran -"It felt like a broken promise."
This card follows immediately after The Devil in all Tarots that contain it, and is considered an ill omen. Many differing meanings are attributed to the card. To some, it symbolizes failure, ruin and catastrophe. To others, the Tower represents the paradigms constructed by the ego, the sum total of all schema that the mind constructs to understand the universe. The Tower is struck by lightning when reality does not conform to expectation.

17. The Star - Rachel Berry - Don't Rain On My Parade - "Get ready for me, love, cause I'm a commer. I simply have to march, my heart's a drummer. Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade!"
The Star represents a moment of renewed hope, inspiration and discovery. The turmoil of escape from the Devil depicted on the previous trump in the series (The Tower) is over, indicating calm after the storm. It is a breakthrough, a new opportunity to rise to higher state of consciousness. It is the first of 3 cards of increasing light, indicating we may be receiving greater clarity. A higher pathway is becoming visible. We may solve a mystery, discover secrets, or gain ideas in meditation.

18. The Moon - Dave Karofsky - "If you took all that energy you use for bullying and put it into this, you'd be one of the most talented guys in the school."
If one gets this card, one may be going through a particularly difficult emotional time. Rather than losing yourself in the overwhelming imagery and fantasy that signal the presence of the Moon, give form to this imagery through the creative arts (painting, writing, or dancing). The association this card bears with imagery and fantasy can put one in touch with visions and insight, creativity and psychic powers. The Moon can be interpreted with the feeling of uncertainty, where the past still haunts, unsure of a journey but still going ahead with it, feeling watched and because it is commonly associated with dreams, fantasies and mysteries this card can also be interpreted with surreal feelings and situations in your waking life.

19. The Sun - Sam Evans- "Well, I gave him my word. In my world, that's that."
The Sun is ruled by...the Sun, of course. A positive card, it promises the Querent their day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. This card symbolizes discoveries made fully conscious and wide awake. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy. A. E. Waite suggested that this card is associated with attained knowledge. The conscious mind prevails over the fears and illusions of the unconscious. Innocence is renewed through discovery, bringing hope for the future.

20. Judgment - Slushies
When Judgment appears in a reading, it is usually interpreted as a signal of an impending judgment, such as of postponed decisions. This is also a card of healing, quite literally from an accident or illness, as well as a card signaling great transformation, renewal, change, as the card symbolizes resurrection. In a reading, especially near the Six of Cups, it may represent a preoccupation with the past, while also suggesting a new beginning and clearing out of the past. Judgement advises us to finally face these postponed decisions, recognize that the past is past, and put them to rest, absolutely and irrevocably, in order to move forward.

21. The World - Glee plaque- "Being part of something special makes you special."
The World represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool. The figure is at once male and female, above and below, suspended between the heavens and the earth. It is completeness. It is also said to represent cosmic consciousness; the potential of perfect union with the One Power of the universe. It tells us full happiness is also to give back to the world, sharing what we have learned or gained.


It seems that a lot of people want to do this as a summer/hiatus project. I will be in touch with everyone who comments in this thread about that in the future for sign ups for the card. In all likelihood, I will ask people for their top 5 choices in order and try to make everyone happy.

That said, I don't see why different people can't tackle the same card so long as the entire deck is covered. It'd be interesting to see how different people approach the same subject.

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Nope. That The Star comes straight after The Tower (Shelby) seems fitting, though, right?

Coach Beiste is the best teacher at McKinley High. She's the only one with a sense of fairness, so yeah. It works. :)

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